Get that Sunday feeling every day in your home

When you think of your home, how does it make you feel? Calm and collected or chaotic and disorganised? The space in which we live can affect our mood and wellbeing, whether it be the layout of a room to features like colours and lighting. The good news is that we have the ability to control the space we spend our days in. Think simple style updates to enhance our lifestyle and get that Sunday feeling every time we step through the front door.


The selection of hues in your home is an important element of interior design – and for more than just looks. Individual colours and even groups of colours can generate particular emotions and impact energy levels. For example, it is well researched that red is the most intense colour and can stimulate feelings of love, anger and passion. It’s also been proven to raise blood pressure speed and increase heart rate. Consequently, it is best suited for areas of high energy like the dining room. In the same realm of warm colours, orange is an energetic hue known to evoke excitement and enthusiasm, therefore would be well utilised in a playroom. On the other end of the colour spectrum are cooler colours like green and blue. Both of these colours have the ability to evoke a sense of calmness and soothe the senses, therefore are best suited to areas of relaxation like the bathroom and bedroom.


When styling your home, don’t just focus on using colours on feature walls and tiles but with accessories to subtly add pops of colour to your space. When it came to the selection of colours for Sunday Soul’s range of products, founder Carol took inspiration from the soft, calming tones of the ocean to create the fresh Palm Beach Aqua vibes with a blue and white colour palette. And for those who love the warmer tones, the range features a soft pink and tan combination that adds a feminine touch to your home. Of course, monochrome will always have a place in style files, so Carol also included a soft monochrome colour palette of white and charcoal in the range to complement any space.


Next up, take a leaf from nature’s book when implementing simple updates to your home. Introducing indoor plants into spaces not only looks good, but literally brings life to a tired, sterile space. There is measurable evidence that plants affect the mood and wellbeing of the home’s occupants. Plants are known to improve air quality by removing airborne toxins created by paints, furniture finishes and air pollution (source 1). Just adding one or two plants can start to improve the air quality in a space. There is also evidence that plants improve wellbeing from boosting mood, reducing stress, promoting feelings of relaxation and increasing concentration levels. Our picks? We can’t go past a Fiddle Leaf Fig, Devil’s Ivy and String of Heart.


Finally, the perceived spaciousness of a room can also influence the occupant’s mood. A sense of openness is key in elevating mood. The notion of freedom in comparison to confinement is essential in the perception of a space. Clean, open homes with minimal clutter facilitate better moods. A sense of spaciousness can be achieved in almost any space with the right layout, organisation and lighting. Start by removing clutter from each area in your home and implementing effective storage solutions to ensure each item has a place that it can be returned to after use. Another important element to increase the openness of a home is to embrace natural light. There are several clever ideas to bring more light into an area. This includes the use of mirrors to reflect light around the room. Simply place a mirror opposite or next to a window to increase the amount of natural light cast into a room. Opting for lighter wall colours reflects the natural light entering the room, rather than absorbing it like darker hues do. The correct flooring can also have an impact – choose light friendly reflectors like wooden, ceramic or stone floors with a polished finish, which will reflect more light than carpets.

Enjoy trying out these simple, yet effective ideas to make every day feel like a Sunday should – relaxed and inspired!

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