Sunday Soul; born in Australia from a love of style, sustainability,
and a passion for a better planet earth.

Our Origins

In 2017 I become a mother, and like so many parents around the world, my perceptions and my lifestyle shifted. Raising children, and knowing that
one day my little people will inherit this planet, I became a lot more aware of the environment and its future.

As a result, my habits started to shift and I became conscious of the waste my family and I produce, specifically, the impact of single-use plastics.
I started to make changes to the products I was buying to make whatever difference I could in our daily lives.

We made the change to refillable and reusable products in our kitchen with some ease but when it came to personal care and cleaning items,
I was finding the refillable storage items were all plastic or glass...which was not suitable with young children.

It was then I started thinking that there has got to be a different solution. One where sustainability and lifestyle could meet.
And as I’ve always had a passion for interior design and beautiful homewares, a solution that was stylish, too.

And so, after many months of research, months of perfecting products and working with suppliers who
shared my love of responsible luxury and sustainable style, Sunday Soul was born.

Sunday Soul’s refillable bathroom bottles are the solution for stunning, sustainable style that enhances your home, organises
your world, and shows love to your planet. They are perfect for all lifestyles… ones with little people included.  Carol xox

Our Promise

Our products add a touch of luxury to your home while being made primarily of recycled, recyclable or natural materials.

Our packaging is plastic-free, our delivery partner is carbon neutral and one dollar from every purchase is donated to a charity of
your choice through our partner i=change, so we can further support the world in which we live.

At Sunday Soul, we live by the mantra that the world doesn’t need a handful of people
doing eco-consciousness perfectly. It needs millions of people doing it ‘imperfectly’ - playing whatever part they can.
And we know that our products and solutions are a way that we - and you - can make a difference.